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Give the gift of original design. Chilewich runners, placemats and accessories will enhance each and every dining occasion with their distinctive aesthetic. Explore our selection of durable, easy to clean tabletop and floor products below…


The Modern Lace

Petal, a new addition to the "Pressed" collection of placemats, is inspired by scattered flower petals. Use this delicate modern lace cut-out to surround a plate like a charger, or alone for a decorative and understated placemat that is surprisingly resilient. Chilewich introduces petal in shades of Champagne - a soft-whitened gold, Steel Blue - reminiscent of anodized aluminum, and Glacier - calling reference to a sage plant.


Gift Boxes

Chilewich gift boxes were thoughtfully designed to accommodate our wide range of different tabletop products such as placemats, runners, napkins and napkin rings. Any combination of these will be packaged by us in the appropriate size boxes. This cohesive modular system provides the perfect finish to all your gifts from Chilewich.

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